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Thermolib extends and expands MATLAB / Simulink for modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems. It allows engineers to simulate complete thermodynamic systems rapidly, simply and accurately resulting in reduced cost and lead times for product maintenance and development.

Thermolib can be used for all types of energy related areas such as power generation, process industries, heating and air conditioning, as well as automotive and aerospace applications.

Start improving your efficiency and productivity for competitive advantage by designing, simulating and optimizing your ideas with Thermolib.

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Tyretemp Pro

Tyretemp is a video analysis tool to correlate thermography videos of high performance tyre applications with other measurement data. It allows  professional monitoring of tyre surface conditions with automatic geometry compensations of steering movements. While the origin of the tool are racing applications it has proofed its strength in standard applications as well.

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Home Energy Simulator simulates buildings with their heating installation, micro-CHPs or photovoltaic units respectively.

Using the tool you perform continuous full dynamic simulations of all the interactions between the components and the load with a sub-minute resolution. Fast simulations run a complete year calculation within a couple of minutes allowing parameter variation studies of plant and control parameters as well as energy management algorithm development. Detailed simulation result diagrams as well as scenario comparisons for saving potential analysis are beneficial for engineers, constructors and home owners.

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